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Standing with the Palestinian Resistance to Expulsion and Annexation

Widespread support for the Palestinian Resistance has continued on the streets across the world. Photo: London

Widespread support for the Palestinian Resistance has continued on the streets across the world, including Britain. The many hundreds of thousands of people participating also condemned the crimes committed by the state of Israel, which amount to a programme of genocide against the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile the British government, along with the western imperialist backers of Israeli Zionism, has shamefully refused to take a stand and hold the state of Israel accountable for its crimes and its violations of international law. In fact, on May 25, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab went to Israel and met with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Of course, it cost the Foreign Secretary nothing to say that he welcomed the ceasefire, but he spoke in the official British government statement of a "cycle of violence", which is meant to cover over who is the perpetrator of aggression, with whom justice resides, and who should be condemned.

In fact, it is reported that Netanyahu told Raab: "Thank you and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for the staunch, unwavering support of our right to self-defence during the recent operation. It's much appreciated," and that Raab responded: "You can always count on us." This is not done in the name of the British people. The people are not the "us" on whom the Israeli state can count. The actions in support of the Palestinian Resistance to expulsion and annexation, a resistance which has heroically never died and cannot be extinguished, speak otherwise.

In the face of its collective punishment of the Palestinians it has trapped inside Gaza, Israel is asserting that it has a right to defend itself. It is shameful that the British government should agree that this is a "right to self-defence" when the Palestinian people are heroically resisting Israel's crimes. These crimes include the annexation of ever more of Palestinian land as part of Israel's policy of ethnic cleansing. Neither was the onslaught against Gaza that killed some 250 Palestinians, including 66 children and 39 women, an act of "self-defence".

It is the Palestinian people who have every right, as the massive worldwide protests are making clear, to resist such heinous crimes and the occupation itself. It is a right that they are exercising, not only for themselves and future generations, but for all humanity.

Glory to the Palestinian Resistance!

Justice for Palestine

Part of the Resist G7 Day of Action for International Justice
Saturday, June 12, 1pm, Downing Street

Actions in solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance

Newcastle    Paris
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Amsterdam     Frankfurt


In Palestine

Palestinians protest against Israeli colonisation and attacks on Gaza near Beit El
settlement outside the West Bank city of Ramallah on May 18. Ibrahim Attaia APA images

Palestinians mourn during Moussa Hassouna's funeral in Lydd, a Palestinian city in Israel, on May 11.
Hassouna was shot by a Jewish vigilante during protests and unrest the previous evening. Oren Ziv ActiveStills

Palestinians from the north of Israel walk along Road 443 in the West Bank after Israeli police blocked their
buses on their way to pray at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque in the last days of Ramadan, May 8. Oren Ziv ActiveStills

Palestinians in the village of Zif, near Hebron, are evicted as occupation forces demolish their homes on May 31. Israel retains
full control over planning and construction in some 60% of the West Bank designated as "Area C". Mosab Shawer APA images


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