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No to the Danger of War Posed by NATO!
Britain Out of NATO! Dismantle NATO!

Protests against the NATO summit in Brussels. Photo: JS Forrest

The 2021 summit of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, took place at its headquarters in Brussels on June 14, bringing together the heads of state and government of its 30 member countries. Such summits, according to NATO, are held at important junctures in its decision-making process, to address issues "of overarching political or strategic importance". The last summit was held in July 2018. In the recent period, the US imperialists who dominate the alliance have sought to provide an ongoing justification for NATO's existence as an instrument to advance their aims in the new conditions. The main focus of this summit was said to be "NATO 2030". Under "NATO 2030" NATO is seeking to further militarise all aspects of society and impose the US imperialist agenda on the world's people.

In summing up Britain's participation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the House of Commons: "The surest guarantee of our security is NATO, which protects a billion people in 30 countries, and the summit in Brussels on Monday agreed the wholesale modernisation of the alliance to meet new dangers, including in space and cyberspace, reflecting the priorities of our own Integrated Review of foreign and defence policy. Britain has the biggest defence budget in Europe, comfortably exceeding the NATO target of 2 percent of national income."

Protests against the NATO summit in Belgium.

At a time when the US claims that China and Russia pose a threat to global stability, NATO is using these countries as the pretext to demand increased war funding from member governments. Britain itself has also been strengthening its security arrangements with Japan, Brunei and the former colonial states in Southeast Asia and the Western-Pacific, while France is using its overseas territories (Mayotte, La Réunion, New Caledonia and French Polynesia) to claim legitimacy for expanding its military presence, territorial and sovereignty claims in the Indo-Pacific. No sooner was President Biden inaugurated than he began stepping up US war preparations against China. Apart from trying to ingratiate himself with US President Biden, Boris Johnson's words show the danger of war posed by NATO, and the military exercises that Britain is involved with show the threat of war from NATO powers.

At the Summit, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had emphasised that NATO 2030 is about enhancing NATO's role in preserving the so-called rules-based international order, which is said to be challenged by authoritarian regimes, like Russia and China. But who is threatening who? What is this "rules-based international order" in which it is US imperialism who make the rules? The political leaders gathered for the NATO Summit on June 14 were preparing for war. NATO speaks less and less about the need to uphold international law and the rule of law, referring instead to the need to defend and preserve this "rules-based international order". The
Watch back: No to War No to NATO Conference:
fraud of what is referred to as a "rules-based international order" is that there are those who control the rules and exercise their own discretion about what must be done to follow the rules and what the punishments are for failure to abide by them. When the US and NATO give themselves the right to enforce the rules they make and impose on oth er countries, typically through coercive measures up to and including military intervention to remove their governments, they are acting in contempt of international law. Defence of the rules-based international order that NATO has made the centrepiece of its mission is the antithesis of the rule of law and amounts to nothing more than "might makes right".

Boris Johnson had told Parliament: "We do more for the security of our continent than any other European power, showing that we mean it when we say that an attack on any NATO ally shall be considered an attack on all, a pledge that has kept the peace for over 70 years."

NATO has never worked to preserve peace and security for the peoples of Europe, but rather to establish political and military structures which would not permit people's empowerment. Its participation in at least three US wars of aggression (against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya) provide whatever proof is required to show it is not a force for peace or security.

None of the summit agenda dealt with the need for the working class and people to have a say in all matters that affect their lives. What NATO refers to as preparing for the future only promises further destruction, despair and retrogression.

Britain Out of NATO! Dismantle NATO!
Let Us Speak Out for the Necessity of an Anti-War Government!


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