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Necessity for an Anti-War Government

US and Britain Step Up War Preparations and NATO Extends Its Reach to Asia Pacific

UK Carrier Strike Group

The largest naval war exercise across the world in a generation is being prepared by the US for later this summer. Called Large Scale Exercise 2021 9 (LSE) [1] it will span both the European and Asia Pacific fields of operations with live forces. It will deploy about 25,000 US, NATO and Pacific Region personnel; aircraft carriers, submarines, aircraft and unmanned vessels, with the US Marines commanding the Asia Pacific operations. At the same time, Britain has launched its biggest deployment of UK naval and aerial military firepower since the 1982 Falklands War with the UK Carrier Strike Group 2021 [2]. The massive deployment is headed toward the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and Asia Pacific regions. This also follows major naval exercises off Scotland, Strike Warrior, in May and the present 50th BALTOPS [3] naval, air and army operations in the Baltic. Also, the NATO summit which opened in Belgium on June 14 with its NATO 2030 agenda to extend its reach to the Asia Pacific confirms the seriousness of the situation in that the US and Britain and their NATO allies are preparing for world war in the face of opposition of the world's people and nations of the world, with their demands for peace, self-determination, security and progress in such difficult times.

The US LSE exercise will span 17 time zones. In May, Christopher Grady, commander of US Fleet Forces, told [1] in an email, "LSE is more than just training, it is leveraging the integrated fighting power of multiple naval forces to share sensors, weapons, and platforms across all domains in contested environments, globally." The exercise, he added, will be the first in a series "that will continue to push the envelope of what it means to be the superior maritime force".

The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is heading the UK Carrier Strike Group CSG21, also known as Operation Fortis that departed on a 28-week mission on May 24. It is also a NATO-backed mission, British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said. Its purpose, he said, is for the UK to "[project] our influence, [signal] our power." More specifically, the Ministry of Defence states that the deployment is part of the "UK's tilt to the Indo-Pacific region" which it claims is to "bolster deep defence partnerships" in the region.

The Carrier Strike Group includes a squadron of 10 US Marine Corps F-35 jets, an attack submarine armed with Tomahawk missiles, two destroyers, a number of other warships and the greatest quantity of helicopters assigned to a single UK Task Group in a decade. The strike group will stop at more than 100 ports in over 40 countries for more than 70 engagements. The last leg of the voyage will take the strike group into the South China Sea, close to Taiwan and end with military exercises with Japan confronting China and the DPRK.

On June 11, at the pre-summit press conference, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared: "We are in an age of global competition. And we must respond to many threats and challenges at the same time. Russia and China pushing back against the rules-based international order."

Since Biden's inauguration, US war preparations, especially in the Asia Pacific region against China, are escalating and pose a grave danger to the peace and security of the region and of the world, whilst the US and other NATO powers claim they are for a "rules-based international order". This is a disguise for the same dictum that all must submit to the US as the "indispensable nation". It is an attempt to continue the Anglo-US "might makes right" under the conditions that the world's people are fighting for their rights and self-determination and sovereignty. In Britain, the working class and people must step up the struggle against the danger of war, affirm the right to be of all nations and peoples of the world, and take a stand to renew international relations on a modern proletarian internationalist basis, declaring that international issues must not be settled by force.

1. Biggest Navy Exercise in a Generation Will Include 25,000 Personnel Across 17 Time Zones - May 21 2021
2. UK Carrier Strike Group in its "final test ahead of deployment": Deployment of UK Carrier Strike Group Is Not in Our Name and Must Be Opposed!
3. BALTOPS - Between June 6-18, air and maritime assets from 18 NATO Allies and partner nations are participating in live training events that include air defence, anti-submarine warfare, amphibious operations, maritime interdiction, mine countermeasure operations. See article from 2020: End Britain's Participation in NATO's Global Warmongering


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