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Hands Off Cuba! Lift the US Blockade!
Full Support for Revolutionary Cuba against US Counter-revolutionary Incitement!

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

July 17, 2021, people turn out on mass for the Rally for the Revolution, Havanna, Cuba.

RCPB(ML) denounces the hostile actions incited by the US against Cuba. We salute the courageous people of revolutionary Cuba and their President and leadership for giving the mercenaries and counter-revolutionaries who have instigated these anti-Cuban incidents a fitting reply.

Our Party denounces the US economic war and campaign of subversion against Cuba which it is waging unceasingly. Washington's hand in orchestrating the protests is becoming more and more clear. It is unconscionable that in the face of democratic opinion and global norms that the hostile US interference and blockade are still ongoing.

Cuban streets belong to the revolution

The United States is depriving the Cuban people of food, medicine and electricity. It is sabotaging Cuba's efforts to fight the pandemic, as well as being able to recover from the damage from Tropical Storm Elsa. The US administration has openly funnelled millions upon millions of dollars to so-called opposition figures with the sole aim of destabilising and undermining Cuban society. Its explicit goal is to extinguish Cuba's independence and to overturn the immense social achievements of the Cuban Revolution.

The illegal US economic sanctions against Cuba are designed to strangle and starve the people of Cuba. The goal of successive US administrations has been and continues to be to provoke social unrest through generating shortages and hardship for the people, and thereby overturn Cuba's independence and socialist path. The immoral economic and subversive war against Cuba to this end has now been pursued for more than 60 years.

Despite all this, Cuba is demonstrating its deep social concern for the people's wellbeing. The Cuban people are proudly raising the banner of the revolution and socialism. They will not permit any outside force to deprive them of the control of their own affairs and to forge their own chosen path. To suggest otherwise is to promote outright confusion and disinformation.

The vain hopes of the US to intervene by opening up an alleged humanitarian corridor under the control of the US have been stymied by the militant response of the people of Cuba themselves. The Cuban people are as one with the Communist Party of Cuba and their President. They are united around the measures of the Cuban state to provide solutions to all the difficulties they face as a result of the brutal US blockade. They reject the imposition of the neo-liberal agenda which is causing such havoc internationally and subverting the right of peoples to independence and deciding their own destiny.

Revolutionary march in the Plaza Trabjadores, July 19, 2021

In this way, Cuba and its people are setting a shining example in paying attention to and providing solutions to the problems they are faced with so as to build a human-centred society. The dirty schemes of US imperialism and its cohorts must not and will not prevail. The people of Cuba have the inalienable right to determine their own future, protect their independence, and build a society where human beings are precious and preserve their dignity. Cuba, its revolution and its people deserve the full support of the British working class and people, standing shoulder to shoulder with the world's people in solidarity.

Defend Cuba's Right to Be!
End the Blockade! All-out Support for Revolutionary Cuba!


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