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Necessity for an Anti-War Government

British Government Plans Further Provocations in the South China Sea alongside US

Portsmouth people demonstrating against the Carrier Strike Group - "Cut War Not Healthcare"

The attempt by the government to project post-Brexit "Global Britain" as part of a "rules-based international order" that is acting for "global security" continues with its deployment of the UK Carrier Strike Group (CSG) led by HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Asian Pacific seas and is planning to carry out further provocations in the South China Sea where Britain and its allies have no business to be. In a press release [1] the government claimed success for its CSG led by HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Asian Pacific seas and what it describes as its "Indo-Pacific tilt" in conducting a series of "engagements with regional partners."

The statement said that "over the next two weeks the CSG will continue to navigate the South China Sea with ships and aircraft from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States." The statement also announced the permanent deployment of HMS Tamar and HMS Spey to the "Indo-Pacific" and heralded that CSG will have a "busy autumn in the Indo-Pacific and Middle-East." It also said that HMS Diamond - a Type 45 Destroyer from the CSG - will also shortly be participating in Exercise Bersama Gold, marking the 50th anniversary of the Five Powers Defence Arrangements alongside Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. In the press statement Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace said: "Exercising and cooperation with like-minded allies is vital to tackle the common threats we face, contributing to a safer and more secure world."

This comes just weeks after the Anglo-US and their allies were forced to withdraw from Afghanistan and the fact that the people of West Asia, the Middle East and North Africa have been left with the massive death toll, chaos and destruction over 20 years by this Anglo-US "war on terror". Most commentators agree that such an intervention by US and Britain has, on the contrary, led to a less safe and less secure world and has been disastrous for the people of those countries. Now these same powers claim that their latest warmongering expeditions into the Baltic, Black Sea and into the Asian Pacific aimed at surrounding Russia, China and the DPRK is going to bring about a "safer and more secure world".

The Global Times of October 14 commented on its relevance to ASEAN, the Association of ten Southeast Asian Nations [2], "The new tripartite defense alliance AUKUS, formed with the intention of intimidating China, will strain ASEAN's unity and integration as regional countries are divided over the pact, experts said Wednesday, noting that if it sparks an arms race, it threatens to destabilise the region." The Indo-Pacific region has been a strategic region and a theatre of war. As such, AUKUS and the strike force which has been despatched are a serious cause of tension, and represent an act of brinkmanship by the three big powers, spearheaded by the US. It poses a threat to the the non-proliferation of nuclear power, particularly as the AUKUS alliance is creating the conditions for Britain and Australia to develop a technologically advanced partnership, and for the Australian government to build at least eight US-designed nuclear-powered submarines.

Flight ramps of HMS Queen Elizabeth with RAF and US fighters lined up on the deck.

In this context, the US is seeking to combat its decline as a dominant global power. It is thus seeking to threaten wars of destruction and it cannot predict what the outcome of its brinkmanship will be. The US is put on a permanent war footing, threatening to destroy all it cannot control, and Britain is willing to follow suit with its own vain ambitions to resurrect a "Global Britain". No heed is paid to any norm of international law, but instead anarchy and violence reign.

The UK Carrier Strike Group represents "Global Britain" as a military threat to the world's people. It has also demonstrated how far this threat has gone with the integration of British warships with the US forces and the recently announced pact between the US, Britain and Australia (AUKUS). This is also an extremely provocative nuclear, cyber and military threat aimed at China and the DPRK. These dangerous attempts to continue the Anglo-US "might makes right" from their disastrous interventions in the Middle East into war preparations in rivalry with other powers must be condemned and opposed. The UK Carrier Strike Group must be recalled to British waters immediately. The people must continue to affirm the right to be of all nations and peoples of the world, and take a stand to renew international relations based on international law, declaring that international issues and world security is not settled by force of arms. They have the answer to replace the Old and build the New with their empowerment in forms such as Anti-War Governments. Another world is a necessity for the people to live in a peaceful world!

1. Carrier Strike Group Looks Forward to a Busy Autumn in Indo-Pacific and Middle East
2. Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam


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