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United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow

Tens of Thousands March through Streets of Brussels in Climate Protest

Climate protest in Brussels

The streets of Belgium's capital city have echoed with the voices of thousands of people demonstrating for action on climate change. The protest action comes ahead of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow later this month.

The streets of Brussels were crammed with protesters marching for change and carrying placards and chanting slogans. Some of those who attended the march had come dressed as endangered animal species. Dozens of organisations mobilised ahead of the march in the expectation that it would be the largest protest since coronavirus restrictions curbed public gatherings.

Xavier De Wannemaeker, a protestor with Extinction Rebellion, said the time for action was now and that the problem was in plain sight. "After you've seen all the disasters we have seen this summer, it's really crucial that we move now. Because everybody knows what the problem is."

Another climate activist, Lucien Dewanaga said there was no backup plan when it came to earth's destruction. "What do we do when we destroy the planet? We have nothing else. Human beings have to live in this world. And there is only one world," Dewanaga said.

Climate activists on the streets of Brussels were concerned that there will be nothing but more hot air from world leaders attending the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, which begins on October 31. This state of affairs underlines that the people themselves must have decision-making power to bring about change and resist the despoliation and destruction caused by the oligopolies and the governments who do nothing to challenge the domination of private interests in all spheres of life and culture.

(DW, 10.10.21)


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