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Confronting the Crisis of Climate Change

Worldwide Actions as the COP26 Climate Summit Gets Underway

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As the United Nations Climate Summit COP26 begins in Glasgow on Sunday, October 31, actions have already been taking place to affirm the necessity for protecting the environment in the interests of humanity. Workers, women and youth with their collectives are coming forward to put forward solutions, and to demand that for their part governments and relevant international bodies take up these solutions in a serious manner, and not just mouth platitudes. The world's people are being threatened by the disastrous consequences of unfettered despoliation and destruction of the environment and Mother Earth caused by industrial pollution by those whose only concern is private gain, not public good. In Britain, the people's forces are particularly sceptical about the Westminster government's actions and intentions. It is repulsive to see the likes of the Prime Minister strutting around as though Britain is the one trying to cajole other reluctant world leaders to toe the line.

Global Days of Action for Climate Justice

Glasgow field of climate fire

On November 6, people all over the world will be taking to the streets demanding global climate justice in a Global Day of Action. Reports are coming in of actions planned up and down the country, and, as one mobilising call put it, communities across the globe are making their voices heard, to show our leaders that we won't settle for empty pledges and polished speeches.

COP26 action by Extinction Rebellion Scotland at the Science Museum in London

Actions are being initiated by the COP26 Coalition [1] as part of a programme of activities taking place throughout the two-week conference. The programme also includes a People's Summit from November 7-10 and daily Movement Assemblies at Adelaide's Place, Bath Street in Glasgow, to hear report backs from the Summit negotiations, develop rapid responses, actions and discuss strategy questions facing global movements for climate justice.

In a call for the November 6 Day of Action, organisers state:

"Global problems need global solutions. The decisions made at COP26 will shape how governments respond (or not) to the climate crisis. They will decide who is to be sacrificed, who will escape and who will make a profit.

"So far, governments have done too little too late: colluding with corporations and hiding behind green washed 'solutions' that actually don't exist yet, that don't address the scale of the problem, and in many cases rely on more exploitation of people and the planet. Justice won't be handed to us by world leaders or delivered by corporations. Only we can imagine and build the future that works for all of us. The transformative solutions that we need to survive and build a more just and fair world can only be brought about through collective action, solidarity and coordination, from our local communities and international levels.

"We are bringing together movements from across the world to build power for system change - Indigenous movements, frontline communities, trade unions, racial justice groups, youth strikers, landworkers, peasants, NGOs, grassroots community campaigns, feminist movements, faith groups - to name a few. Wherever you are in the world, now is the time to join the fight for climate justice. We need all hands on deck: in workplaces, communities, schools, hospitals and across national borders. We will be putting Indigenous, frontline and Global South communities front and centre. We need your help to amplify their voices and demands."

Youth Global Day of Action, October 29

On October 29, with a youth global day of action, young people came together to stand against the financing of fossil fuel projects in a day of global protest against banks, investors and insurers who finance the climate crisis. Their demand was: "#DefundClimateChaos. Turn off the money pipeline for fossil fuels. NOW." [2]

The Struggle to Humanise the Natural and Social Environment

A virtual meeting with the above title is being organised by the Ad-Hoc Committee "The Things That Make For Peace", on Saturday, November 13, at 7.00pm. The organisers say that as "the world leaders meet, people in towns and cities across the world will take to the streets demanding global climate justice. COP26 is happening at a time when the destruction of the natural and social environment and the havoc that is being created are becoming ever more obvious, and the demand for solutions is growing. People's general interests lie with bringing about a situation where the natural and social environments are in harmony with each other, which means that both are humanised, bringing about social and natural environments that are fit for human beings. But people are being left outside the decision-making. What is being revealed is the need for the people to rely on themselves to resist and become empowered to bring about human-centred solutions to the global crisis of climate change." T he meeting will include contributions on the topic of COP26 and solutions to the demand for climate justice; discussion; and music and poetry. To register and receive a link, please contact the organisers, or email

All Out to Humanise the Natural and Social Environment!

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See also WWIE: People Need to Rely on Themselves to Confront the Crisis of Climate Change


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