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The Pay-the-Rich Direction of the Government in the NHS

Opposing the Health and Care Bill

'NHS workers say NO', Parliamentary protest, July 20, 2021.

Monday and Tuesday, November 22 and 23, are important days for the progress of the dangerous Health and Care Bill through the House of Commons before it is passed to the Lords.

Unite in Health, alongside Keep Our NHS Public, Health Campaigns Together, We Own It, NHS Workers Say No, Your NHS Needs You and may others have called a protest in Westminster, central London, from 5pm on Monday evening November 22 to oppose the Bill. A stage for the protest will be set up at the corner of Whitehall and Richmond Terrace opposite Downing Street for speeches and assembly point.

This Health and Care Bill represents a dangerous assault on accountability and professional standards. Without adequate protection on terms and conditions of staff, the current staffing crisis will be set to get worse.

The campaign against the Bill has already seen protests outside parliament, and opposition to the Bill is growing all the time

Speakers So Far Include

" Holly Turner - NHS Workers Say NO
" Richard Burgon MP
" Jacqueline Williams - Unite National Officer
" Colenzo Jarett Thorpe - Unite National Officer
" Grahame Morris MP - Chair of Unite MPs
" Margaret Greenwood MP
" Tony O'Sullivan - Keep Our NHS Public
" Louise Irvine - Health Campaigns Together
" Baroness Shami Chakrabarti
" The NHS Choir
" Dr Bob Gill - Your NHS Needs You
" Cat Hobbs - We Own It
" Jeremy Corbyn MP

There are also events being planned nationwide to oppose the Bill.

South Warwickshire KONP is holding a stall and rally at 1pm, Monday, November 22, outside Leamington Town Hall to Protect the NHS and Scrap the Health and Care Bill.
Coventry KONP and local trades unionists and NHS campaigners are holding an event at 5 pm, Monday, November 22, in Broadgate, Coventry.
Join Merseyside KONP in Liverpool 12pm-1:30pm Monday, November 22, outside Royal Liverpool Hospital.


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