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Congratulations to Venezuela on the Successful Completion of Regional and Municipal Elections

VSC Statement on Venezuela's 2021 Elections

National Electoral Council (CNE - Consejo Nacional Electoral). It is the institution that has the responsibility of overseeing and guaranteeing the transparency of all elections and referendums in Venezuela at the local, regional, and national levels.

Venezuelans voted on Sunday, November 21, to choose representatives for 3,082 elected positions: state governors, mayors, regional legislators and local councillors. Over 70,000 candidates from 111 political parties took part, illustrating how extensive the competition was for each post.

The entire electoral process from start to finish was overseen by the National Electoral Council (CNE). Venezuela has an automated system that is the most audited in the world. In all, 17 audits of the process were conducted from beginning to end, in the presence of representatives from participating political parties. Coupled with biometric identification being required to vote and automated voting throughout, this means that rigging election results is technically impossible in the Venezuelan election system.

International observers were present for the election, including teams from the Carter Centre, the European Union, the Council of Latin American Electoral Experts (CEELA), the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the African Union. The election day went smoothly, with biosecurity measures in place at all polling stations.

Results from the elections for governors show the PSUV winning 20 governorships and opposition parties three. Full results will be announced by the CNE for more local contests in the following days.

The successful conclusion to the process represents an important victory for the policy of peace, dialogue and of seeking to resolve political differences through transparent elections. Once again, despite negative propaganda from abroad, Venezuelan citizens have shown their commitment to democracy and exercised their right to determine their own future.

The Venezuela Solidarity Campaign calls on the UK and US governments to abandon their policy of non-recognition of the Venezuelan government and engage in constructive dialogue with President Maduro.


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