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Solidarity with Cuba Reaffirmed

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Solidarity with Cuba Reaffirmed

Cuba Solidarity Campaign Update:
Fundraising events in London, Manchester and Birmingham in 2023 to raise money for the Viva la Educación appeal

Against the Futile Yearning for "Stability" of those in Power, and for the Path to a Human-Centred Society to Be Opened by the Workers' Movement

Workers' Forum:
Actions in Support of Health Workers and Safeguarding the Future of the NHS

Solidarity with Cuba Reaffirmed

The Cuban Ambassador in London, H E Bárbara Montalvo (centre) with Michel Rodríguez, First Secretary in charge of Cultural and Academic Affairs at the Cuban Embassy (right) and Michael Chant, General Secretary of RCPB(ML)(left)

The Cuban Ambassador in London, H E Bárbara Montalvo, held a meeting with activists, friends and circles of RCPB(ML) on January 14, 2023. At the meeting, the Ambassador presented an update on the situation in Cuba and referred to the achievements made by the Island in terms of health, education, security and social assistance and the fight against Covid-19, despite the difficulties it faces and the damage caused by the politics of economic asphyxiation by the United States. Ambassador Montalvo also gave an update on the bilateral scenario between Cuba and the United States. She further reiterated the importance of Cuba's decision to move forward despite the difficulties and at the same time refusing to renounce its principles.

The participants in the meeting reaffirmed their solidarity with Cuba and highlighted the example that Cuba represents for progressive forces. They also emphasised their determination to maintain solidarity and continue supporting Cuba. The Ambassador underscored the importance of disseminating the true reality about Cuba, in order to counteract the atmosphere of distortion and disinformation about the country that technological platforms and laboratories wish to promote on digital networks.

The Ambassador makes her presentation to the meeting

In thanking the Ambassador on behalf of the whole meeting, Michael Chant, General Secretary of RCPB(ML), underscored that we in Britain will make every effort in 2023 to arouse public opinion to agitate for the ending of the monstrous and cruel policy of the US blockade of Cuba. In so saying, Michael Chant emphasised that in this world people are ultimately decisive in setting the course of history, and the US blockade cannot survive.

Also present at the event was Michel Rodríguez, First Secretary in charge of Cultural and Academic Affairs at the Cuban Embassy.

Informal discussion continued for several hours, and the meeting was brought to a close by a lively cultural programme. Many participants expressed how deeply they were inspired by the gathering and by what Ambassador Montalvo had presented, that the meeting had represented something special, and that they would do all in their power to support and build solidarity with Cuba.

Cuba Si!

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Cuba Solidarity Campaign Update

Fundraising events in London, Manchester and Birmingham
in 2023 to raise money for the Viva la Educación appeal

In just a couple of months two 40ft shipping containers packed full of educational aid will be sent to Cuba to support children and teachers in Cuban schools. The appeal has already raised almost £70,000. The CSC is now asking supporters to join in a final push for fundraising activities and donations to help us reach the £100,000 target. If you are in or near London, Manchester or Birmingham, you can support the appeal by attending one of these social events, or you can donate on the links below.

Haringey Education Aid for Cuba fundraiser with live band

Friday 27 January, 7:30pm, LONDON
Restaurant Cornelius, 1 New River Avenue, N8 7QD

Special guest speaker Barbara Montalvo Alvarez, Cuban Ambassador
Live music from The Latin Bridge - Cuban/Latin quartet

Unfortunately, tickets for this event are now sold out. For further information please contact

Manchester meal for Viva La Educación

Saturday 25 February, 2-5pm, MANCHESTER
The Sportsman Inn, 57 Mottram Road, Hyde, SK14 2NN

Special guest speaker Barbara Montalvo Alvarez, Cuban Ambassador
plus Cath Bosswell and Vanessa Nelson, NEU Cuba delegation 2022

Tickets £20 Book tickets here:

or Donate:

Birmingham social for Viva La Educación

Friday 3 March, 7-10pm, BIRMINGHAM
St Andrews Community Centre, Handsworth B21 9RE
Birmingham CSC present a night of music, dance, salsa lessons, cocktails, food, drinks, games, quiz, short films, raffle and more!

Tickets £5/£10 solidarity

Check website or contact the Birmingham group directly on for details and advance tickets. Tickets also available on the door.

"Viva La Educación" is a joint appeal by the National Education Union(NEU) and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign(CSC) Music Fund for Cuba, and Cuba's education union (SNTECD).

Visit the website:

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Against the Futile Yearning for "Stability" of those in Power, and for the
Path to a Human-Centred Society to Be Opened by the Workers' Movement

Enough is Enough Rally in Newcastle - October 1, 2022

The serious problems that the working class and people face are obviously calling out for solutions. The "Enough Is Enough" of the workers' movement is evidence that the pursuit of the anti-social offensive of the narrow private interests by the government far from providing solutions is actually the cause of instability and chaos. While the call is for "stability" and that everyone should pull together and shelve their demands, in fact the state is being restructured to attempt to make the anti-social offensive irreversible.

It is not simply a yearning for "stability" on their behalf; it is rather an imposition by police powers of these private interests. In that sense, "Enough Is Enough" is a resonant "No" to this imposition. What is then required is the transformation of the consciousness that the complete renovation of society is the necessity.

The old year, 2022, came to its conclusion with the executive posing as the saviour after the chaos that characterised the previous one. The Collins Dictionary made permacrisis its "word of the year" [1]. The present time is characterised by massive productive forces in a highly socialised economy, which, with modern science and technology, have developed to a point that they can no longer be contained and controlled by current forms of decision-making. In particular, they exist within a social relation where these forces are owned by a ruling class, a class which is divided into competing parts each with its own narrow private interests, and where the class that does the work as part of these forces, which comprises the vast majority of the population, is in a subservient relation. But this very situation has reached a point where the ability to predict developments and the consequences of particular actions is breaking down, and further, where the rich and powerful are unable to retain control, they resort to destruction. The collapse of society, catastrophic environmental damage and world war all exist as very real possibilities - as do alternatives, but at this point, the New has yet to come into being. The Old, whose time has passed yet still clings onto existence, deals with its predicament increasingly through war, both civil and international. How is stability even conceivable in such a situation?

As the economy is currently organised and directed, prices are controlled by the global monopolies and oligopolies through "market forces", which amounts to cartel price fixing. Inflation in the prices that businesses sell their goods and services that leaves the wage claim of their employees trailing behind is resulting in record profits in various cases [2]. Yet these powerful private interests who benefit from rising price inflation are, as with all things, losing control over that to which they are giving rise, and inflation threatens to spiral out of control, adding further to the chaotic conditions.

Without a fundamental change of direction of the economy that puts the human productive forces under human control and aims production at satisfying the needs of the people on a planned basis, and an anti-war direction for the economy and society, creating conditions for stability is impossible. People must constitute themselves as the authority via new democratic mechanisms that enable them to effectively direct the economy, including incomes, social programmes and prices, so that solutions to the economic crisis can be found.

This requires work taken up to renew the political process so that working people themselves are in control of the direction of the economy. This is the work which is progressing as 2022 has moved into 2023. As the Party's New Year slogan indicated: best wishes for the success of this work in 2023!

1. "Permacrisis", a term that describes "an extended period of instability and insecurity", has been named Collins Word of the Year 2022. It is one of several words Collins highlights that relate to ongoing crises the UK and the world have faced and continue to face, including political instability, the war in Ukraine, climate change, and the cost-of-living crisis. Six words on Collins' list of ten words of the year are new to, including "permacrisis".
2. Some examples from 2022 include:
"Christmas period strikes to continue as posties attack Royal Mail 'gross mismanagement'", CWU, November 16, 2022
"Polyflor profits hit £52 million as struggling workers strike", GMB, October 5, 2022£52-million-struggling-workers-strike
Vidushi Tiwari, "Shell workers threaten to strike amid gas giant's 'record profits'", STV News, October 10, 2022

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Workers' Forum

Actions in Support of Health Workers and Safeguarding the Future of the NHS

NHS demonstration, January 18, 2023

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have voted for strike action alongside nurses and ambulance staff in Unison. They took strike action on January 17, to be followed by a work to rule for the following five days. The NICE Unison Branch had the highest turnout from Unison branches across the country in the pay ballot and voted overwhelmingly for industrial action. NICE is large employer with over 500 staff based in offices in the centre of Manchester. Their staff picketed outside of City Tower in Piccadilly Gardens on January 17.

Workers at NICE see the whole of the NHS through their work across the whole sector and this is what has driven their high turnout and support for action. They can see that ongoing undermining of pay has resulted in low quality care, staff leaving professions and staff burn out all over the NHS.

NHS demo, January 18, 2023

A march with great spirit took place on Wednesday, January 18, to support NHS staff. Buses hooted support and marchers cheered, reflecting that the determination to safeguard the future of the NHS and all its workers is widespread and deep-rooted. When the demonstration arrived outside Downing Street the whole crowd spontaneously swerved towards the gates, facing the Downing Street occupant with anger and determination, before turning towards the stage for the speakers. There was strong support from people on the route, with calls and shouts of "Whose NHS? Our NHS!", "We are the NHS!", "Claps won't pay the bills!" and many more!

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