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10th Anniversary of the Mass Demonstration to Safeguard the Future of Lewisham Hospital

On a momentous January day ten years ago, Co-Chair of Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) Dr Tony O'Sullivan reminds readers of his Facebook page, the mass demonstration of over 25,000 people organised by the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign took place on January 26, 2013. The campaign was eventually successful in saving Lewisham Hospital from obliteration by Jeremy Hunt (now Chancellor) and NHS London. Six months later, Dr O'Sullivan writes, we won the Judicial Review against Hunt at the Royal Courts of Justice on July 10, and his appeal was rejected in five minutes of Appeal Court deliberation on October 29, 2013. Tony O'Sullivan concludes: "The battlefront is now an existential one for the NHS led by Keep Our NHS Public and fellow campaigners and unions in"

Ten years later to the day, imbued with the same spirit as that campaign, many young physiotherapists took part on the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy strike picket line, in that same hospital which would not have existed but for the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign which did so much to unite NHS staff, unions and the community in a just cause and succeed. We are convinced this struggle too will succeed!

See "Mass Demonstration to Safeguard the Future of Lewisham Hospital", Workers' Weekly, January 29, 2013:


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