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Make countries zones for peace, freedom and democracy

On the Anniversary of the US/NATO Proxy War in Ukraine

The crimes the US is committing and is embroiling its allies in committing are extensive and it is promising an escalation of the war. With the collapse of the former Soviet Union 30 years ago, the hegemony of two superpowers over global affairs was ended. The peoples of the world expected peace, freedom, democracy and human rights. All they got is the US striving for world hegemony. Declaring itself the indispensable nation, its crimes increased on an unprecedented scale. Since World War II drew to an end in 1945, the US started pitting its so-called rules-based international order against the international rule of law sanctioned by the United Nations and its founding Charter. On the basis of intrigues and cartels and using its own financial institutions which entangled the entire world under its hegemony, it established the aggressive military alliance the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), carried out assassinations of progressive leaders and coups d'état and wars of aggression against any country which refused to submit.

What is important to take stock of at this time is that despite all the crimes committed against them, it is the peoples who have prevailed. They have suffered tremendously at the hands of the US and its allies but it has never been weapons which have decided the outcome of the conflicts taking place; it has been and continues to be the peoples fighting for their sovereignty, for what belongs to them by right and their right to be. Today, behind all the disinformation and US/NATO threats to obliterate countries which refuse to submit to their hegemony and that they will even unleash nuclear war and blame others, what we see is the US, Canada, Britain and NATO countries drowning in their own warmongering, anti-social offensives and police powers. We see the peoples fighting everywhere to bring about solutions which favour them.

While it may look like the US and its war allies have not been held to account, despite their own wishes or what they think of themselves, the developments are settling scores with what they stand for and what they are doing independent of their will, the clash between the conditions and authority are urging the peoples to step up the fight at this time for what belongs to them by right, for human-centred forms of governance and to make their countries zones for peace, freedom and democracy.

(from the statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), February 24, 2023)


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