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First anniversary of the Ukraine war:

No to the US/NATO Proxy War in Europe
against Russia! Peace Negotiations Now!

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First anniversary of the Ukraine war:
No to the US/NATO Proxy War in Europe against Russia! Peace Negotiations Now!

Opposition to War Is Growing

Make countries zones for peace, freedom and democracy:
On the Anniversary of the US/NATO Proxy War in Ukraine

First anniversary of the Ukraine war:

No to the US/NATO Proxy War in Europe against Russia! Peace Negotiations Now!

One year ago, on February 24, Russia and its Parliament, the Duma and President Vladimir Putin launched what they called the "special military operation" in Ukraine. At that time Workers' Weekly issued a statement reporting on the "lies and disinformation from the US, Britain, NATO and other Western powers" that were at "fever pitch" and which continue to this day. The statement raised that the question which was central, to which these lies and disinformation drew a veil, is who is it that has been and is threatening the peace in Europe? Their statements and that of their media were silent then, and still are today on Russia's strategic interests on its border with Ukraine and its reasons for recognising and defending the Donbas region and the Donetsk and Lugansk republics. These self-declared republics were coming under attack from the Ukrainian regime and backed by the Anglo-US/NATO and had been since 2014. By then thousands of Ukrainians had been killed in Eastern Ukraine by the Ukrainian army before the Russia's military operation and as is well known the US and Britain had blocked the Ukrainian regime from implementing the Minsk agreements that Ukraine had signed and were recognised by the UN. They could have helped end the conflict giving the Donetsk and Lugansk republics autonomy within Ukraine.

In trying to justify their position and claim that Russia had breached international law the Anglo-US/NATO powers and the Ukrainian regime had to claim there was no provocation to Russia. This they could not do without their lies and disinformation. This is why they kept saying Russia was "unprovoked" and invaded "a peaceful, free, sovereign independent and friendly country". However, Russia was being threatened on its borders, as well as Russian nationals in Ukraine in the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk as well as Crimea that had never accepted the Maidan coup as a legitimate form of government. The Crimean population had voted to secede to the Russian Federation in 2014 following the coup in Kyiv. There was from 2014 a military stand off with the Ukrainian Russophobic regime which was being trained, armed and backed by Anglo-US and NATO. In other words, their claims that Russia was not provoked was an historical fraud of the first order to try and stop people understanding the level of Anglo-US and EU and NATO interventions in Ukraine aimed against Russia. Ukraine's "sovereignty" had in fact been previously violated by the so-called "colour revolution" of 2004, and the consequences of the February 2014 Maidan coup that overthrew the elected government in Kyiv had compromised the sovereignty of Ukraine bringing to power a pro-NATO Russophobic regime supporting the neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

It can be seen that over the last year little has changed except that hundreds of thousands of people, both military and civilian, on both sides of the conflict have now been killed. The Anglo-US and NATO powers have done everything to continue their lies and disinformation to stop a peaceful resolution of the conflict, whilst at the same time they have done everything to escalate the conflict and wage it as a proxy war against Russia for their own ends. The US and its allies have continued to impose trade sanctions and seize all Russian assets creating economic hardship across the world and on the poorest countries and peoples whilst making huge profits for the Anglo-US gas and oil oligopolies whilst paying lip service to the environmental concerns of the people.

The Anglo-US warmongers openly claim that they can impose "strategic defeat" on Russia whilst using the people of Ukraine as the cannon fodder for their aims. Also, the Anglo-US powers have been confronting China and think nothing of the hypocrisy of their stand on China's sovereignty with their staged provocation over Taiwan. This is the dangerous arrogance of the Anglo-US powers and their warmongering record over decades, in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and South America. At the same time, for the peace-loving people it makes the question of finding a peaceful solution to the problems of the Ukraine war even more urgent as these Anglo-US/NATO powers risk escalating the Ukraine conflict out of control.

The question which is central to this conflict remains: lifting the veil on NATO's proxy war in Ukraine against Russia. This exposes and reveals that the US-led NATO, with its close ally Britain, are the real block to peace. Like the tens of thousands of people in Europe, the people of Britain are further opposing the warmongering, lies and disinformation and continuing to take stands and actions for peace. They are taking up the challenge of uniting in action in opposition to the warmongering path of the US/NATO aggressive alliance, giving rise to a new consciousness on the urgent necessity for an Anti-War Government.

No to the US/NATO-provoked war in Europe!
Peace Negotiations Now!
No to NATO! No to War!
Fight for an Anti-War Government!

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First anniversary of the Ukraine war

Opposition to War Is Growing

30,000 people gathered in Munich, Germany February 19 to protest at the 59th Munich Security Conference
and express opposition to NATO - Photo: J T Odenhoefer

All over the world on this anniversary, February 24, demonstrations are taking place along with protest marches against the anti-social offensives which accompany the increased spending on the US/NATO proxy war in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and other repressive measures. The people are showing their internationalist spirit, supporting resistance and lending a hand to all those fighting for rights.

30,000 people gathered in Munich, Germany February 19 to protest at the 59th Munich Security Conference and express opposition to NATO. Tens of thousands of people marched in Paris on February 12 calling for France to get out of NATO and not send missiles to Ukraine.

The Stop the War Coalition reports that there is growing opposition to the war amongst the people in many parts of Europe.

The London demonstration on February 25 will be part of a Europe-wide weekend of action calling for peace talks.

In Italy, a recent poll showed majority opposition to supplying weapons to Ukraine. Polling in Germany in January found "growing evidence of a public that is war-weary, and one that is slowly but surely becoming more concerned about their own economic condition".

Events start in Italy on the evening of February 23 with a march from Perugia to Assisi.

Paris anti- NATO demonstration February 12, 2023

Rafaella Bolini from the Italian peace movement predicts there will be protests in at least one hundred towns and cities on the February 24 and 25, with a mass rally in Rome on Saturday 2.

"Feeling in Italy is running high against supplying arms to Ukraine, the movement is mobilising everywhere," she said.

In Portugal, demonstrations are planned in seven cities. In Vienna, there is a protest on February 24 and another in Zurich on February 25. Twenty cities in Germany are holding protests including a major demonstration in Berlin.

There will be a demonstration in Brussels on Sunday 26 and protests across France over the weekend. At least twenty cities in Spain will hold protests for peace.

All protestors on the demonstrations and protests have been asked to tweet pictures and reports at #EuropeForPeace

Stop the War In Ukraine - National Demonstration

Start: Saturday, February 25, 2023 " 12:00 PM
BBC Broadcasting House" Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA GB

Host Contact Info:

Click here for details of European protests:


February 25th London Conference - NO 2 NATO NO 2 WAR

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Make countries zones for peace, freedom and democracy

On the Anniversary of the US/NATO Proxy War in Ukraine

The crimes the US is committing and is embroiling its allies in committing are extensive and it is promising an escalation of the war. With the collapse of the former Soviet Union 30 years ago, the hegemony of two superpowers over global affairs was ended. The peoples of the world expected peace, freedom, democracy and human rights. All they got is the US striving for world hegemony. Declaring itself the indispensable nation, its crimes increased on an unprecedented scale. Since World War II drew to an end in 1945, the US started pitting its so-called rules-based international order against the international rule of law sanctioned by the United Nations and its founding Charter. On the basis of intrigues and cartels and using its own financial institutions which entangled the entire world under its hegemony, it established the aggressive military alliance the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), carried out assassinations of progressive leaders and coups d'état and wars of aggression against any country which refused to submit.

What is important to take stock of at this time is that despite all the crimes committed against them, it is the peoples who have prevailed. They have suffered tremendously at the hands of the US and its allies but it has never been weapons which have decided the outcome of the conflicts taking place; it has been and continues to be the peoples fighting for their sovereignty, for what belongs to them by right and their right to be. Today, behind all the disinformation and US/NATO threats to obliterate countries which refuse to submit to their hegemony and that they will even unleash nuclear war and blame others, what we see is the US, Canada, Britain and NATO countries drowning in their own warmongering, anti-social offensives and police powers. We see the peoples fighting everywhere to bring about solutions which favour them.

While it may look like the US and its war allies have not been held to account, despite their own wishes or what they think of themselves, the developments are settling scores with what they stand for and what they are doing independent of their will, the clash between the conditions and authority are urging the peoples to step up the fight at this time for what belongs to them by right, for human-centred forms of governance and to make their countries zones for peace, freedom and democracy.

(from the statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), February 24, 2023)

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