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International Women's Day, March 8, 2023

Women Taking Up their Leading Role in the Struggle for Democratic Renewal

Education strike - March 1, 2023

On the occasion of International Women's Day 2023, we salute all women in Britain and around the world who have taken up and are taking up their role in fighting for the rights of all and the renovation of the entire society from what is holding back the advance of history, and modernising for all humanity everything that is worn out, antiquated, medieval, warmongering and chauvinist.

Democratic renewal is about bringing into being the modern democratic personality. It is about leading the struggle for the creation of a society which affirms the rights of all. Women as a collective are evident in every struggle of the working class and people, where women have come forward as leaders and saying No! to the anti-social offensive, to the attempts to circumscribe and belittle their struggles. They are shining examples of assuming social responsibility for the fate of society and all its members. They will not be criminalised, made fair game or disempowered. Wherever the fight for renovation is, there are women to be found at the forefront and in the ranks, taking up their place in the struggle.

Women's voices are to be heard opposing the narrow private interests which are taking and have taken over the levers of the state, and are demanding governments be held to account. It is their voice which lays the claims to what belongs to them by right. Their struggle for empowerment sets the tone and the perspective for political renewal also, in which the people are the decision-makers, harmonising the interests of individuals, collectives, and the whole of society.

It is no accident that leading figures in the struggles in defence of the rights of all are women, whether it be in the fields of health, education, and other sectors vital for the well-being of society. In this respect, they are also elaborating what the new society of socialised humanity will be characterised by. This means taking a stand and working out their own vantage points which favour them, and all of society. This underlines that the struggle of women is leading to the drawing of conclusions about the society which permits all the attacks on women and girls, and the necessity to go beyond that society.

So too in the anti-war movement and the fight in practice for an Anti-War Government. The consciousness is growing that this is connected not just with the policy of this or that party in power, but that the control of that power by the warmongers and the political arrangements which perpetuate it are being challenged. Women are in the front ranks of this struggle too. They are, in this and other major concerns of the present, participating in setting the agenda as leaders of the struggle.

It is not simply that there is an indictment of society for attempting to place boundaries on women affirming themselves on the one hand and taking up the concerns of the whole of society on the other. The struggle of women has reached the stage where they are indeed coming forward to take up democratic renewal, to take up the wholesale renovation and modernisation of society, including its political institutions, and working out their own arrangements and agendas - in other words, at the forefront of the battle for democracy. Working women themselves are defining what must be done and how to bring this renovation, this renewal, about.

Throughout the world there is a demand to bring into being something new and modern, and this is the course women are set on. It is an inspiring course, whereby in struggling for their own emancipation, women are in the vanguard of opening up the path to the building of a new society fit for women and all human beings, the path to uphold the rights of all and to emancipate all of humanity. It is not separate from, but an integral part of the whole struggle for democratic renewal and a new society.

On the occasion of International Women's Day 2023, the call is for all to fully take up social responsibility, together to emancipate the whole of humanity, to affirm the rights of all, and put an end to Britain's pro-war government set-up. This is what is implied by bringing into being the modern democratic personality, to put the old, that is to say, reactionary, dysfunctional or obsolete, into the dustbin of history, and fight for the new, that is to say the human-centred, society!

Long Live International Women's Day! All Power to the Struggle of Women for the Renovation and Modernisation of Society!


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