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International Women's Day Gathering

An Affirming Occasion as Women World-Wide Get Together to Celebrate International Women's Day!

1840, Chartist women at the world anti-slavery convention

On March 8, in common with others the length and breadth of the country, not to mention world wide, a small but enthusiastic group of women met in London to celebrate International Women's Day, actively supported by many more who were unable to be there in person.

The aim of the meeting was in the first place simply to get together to affirm ourselves as women, whilst focusing on the theme of democratic renewal. This led to much discussion about the struggles taking place right now across Britain and around the world and how women are taking up their role at the forefront of all these struggles and are, in all spheres, fighting for the rights of all and for the renovation of the entire society.

Summing up the evening, everyone said how empowering and liberating it had been to be able to discuss and share their experience together in this way; how the atmosphere of free and open discussion had enabled everyone to participate in the discussion and advance their understanding. The crucial thing, everyone declared, was to be active and to counter the negative pressure to passively describe everything from the side lines, as it were, and how important it was to be able to speak about their views. People felt that there has been an attempt to create a climate where it is not acceptable to express views counter to the predominating narrative, for example, over the war in Ukraine or the plight of asylum seekers and immigration in Britain.

The discussion was wide-ranging focusing on the theme of democratic renewal and how this very fight is bringing into being the modern democratic personality. This led to an investigation into what the modern democratic personality means: that women everywhere are shining examples of this because they are, as a collective, actively taking up and fighting in the ongoing struggles to defend the NHS, in the fight for an education system for all, in the anti-war movement, and in every struggle of the working class and people. In a nutshell, women are assuming social responsibility for the fate of society and all its members, and they will not be criminalised, made fair game or disempowered. Indeed, it was affirmed that wherever the fight for renovation is, there are women to be found at the forefront and in the ranks, taking up their place in the struggle.

The meeting could be said to have given voice to all those involved of their conviction that working women themselves are defining what must be done and how to bring this renovation, this renewal, about. The evening finished with poetry readings, a reading of a statement saluting International Women's Day, and music written by and performed by the women. In summary, the very act of coming together to consciously celebrate International Women's Day as a collective had been extremely affirming.


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