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Modern Communist Movement

44th Anniversary of Founding of RCPB(ML)

2016 London Political Forum on the future of society organised by RCPB(ML).

March 16 marked the 44th anniversary of the founding of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) in 1979. The Party is proud to have reached this anniversary tempered in the midst of the struggles and fighting traditions of the working class and people of England, Scotland and Wales. We pay tribute to these struggles and traditions which the working people have never betrayed, especially the working women who have always been at the forefront, as well as the forerunner organisations of RCPB(ML).

The Party has been tempered in the anti-fascist struggles of the 1970s, has taken up as one the cause of the liberation and unity of Ireland and the Irish people from British colonialism and imperialism, and against all racist attacks, organised by the state, and as one, the cause of the people of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Caribbean, whether as part of the working class in Britain or in unity against the colonialism and neo-colonialism of the British state, its ruling elite and its reactionary and retrogressive monarchy.

John Buckle, General Secretary of RCPB(ML) from its founding to his untimely death in 1983, leading the anti-fascist demonstration in Digbeth, Birmingham, 1978.

It has always taken up the fight against imperialist war, and today has as part of its cutting edge work the fight for an Anti-War Government. It does so first and foremost in its work of Party building, the taking and implementing of decisions in and through the collective, having in mind the necessity to give rise to the modern democratic personality, and takes these methods into the movement itself. In this way, the line of march is being taken towards establishing an Anti-War Government which embodies the modern democratic personality and which fulfils the people's striving for peace, democracy and freedom. This is a profound conception encompassing a government which is also pro-social and pro-worker. Out of the resistance struggles of society, and guided by the theory of Modern Communism, will come the outlook of the New. This is a new framework which has fidelity to the ensemble of human relations, and recognises that the need for political power is indispensable. It is an internationalist framework, working to bring into being a world of socialised humanity.

Michael Chant, General Secretary of RCPB(ML), speaking at the 35th anniversary celebration of the Party, March 16 2014.

In this respect, the Party persistently implements its stand against all aggressive alliances such as NATO, but also against the police powers wielded by the ruling elites who are restructuring the state to ensure everything is done to serve the narrow private interests of finance capital and the oligopolies. RCPB(ML) organises and inspires the working class to respond to the urgent necessity for a change in the direction of society and the economy, for the people to establish their own vantage point and for the working class to rely on and implement its own agenda and programme and speak in their own name. This points the way forward to the way out of the crisis, a crisis which is characterised by the existence of defunct liberal democratic institutions which no longer answer to the needs of the times. This requires settling scores with the old conscience which embodies the "covenant thesis" on which the old political system is based, with "representatives" authorised to speak in the name of the electorate, a system which is disempowering the people, maintaining a fictitious person of state which keeps everyone as subjects, rather than as citizens with equal membership rights. The Party in this context upholds that the working class must constitute itself the nation and vest sovereignty in the people with the aim of creating a society without the exploitation of persons by persons, and in particular ending the old system of wage slavery. The Party organises the people to be history-making. This is the significance of its own history. No amount of attempts to marginalise the Party can erase this. Its outlook, revolutionary ideology and methods of work mark it out.

Over the years since its founding, the Party has built itself in the course of providing solutions to the problems of society. On this occasion we pay tribute to all its members, activists and sympathisers over the years who have contributed to building RCPB(ML) in all its vibrancy and vitality, dealing with the world as it is, and as part of the communist and workers' movement internationally.

Salute to the Party on its 44th Anniversary! Long Live RCPB(ML)!


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