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May Day 2023

A World to Win

On the occasion of May Day 2023, the day of international working class unity and struggle, RCPB(ML) sends its warmest revolutionary greetings to the working class of England, Scotland and Wales, and to the working class internationally. Solidarity!

The working class of England, Scotland and Wales joins on this day with workers throughout the world, including the people of the island of Ireland, and all the peoples fighting to build new societies against what is old and moribund, in celebrating their unity in their struggle to move forward to the New. It is the working class and people who have the solutions to the crises the world is facing, the need for an end to the interference in the affairs of the countries which are struggling to find their own path of development which favours them, the humanising of the natural and social environment, and who are posing and fighting for the need for political renewal wherever the working people are disempowered.

London May Day Rally at Trafalgar Square, 2022

The working class in Britain has a strong responsibility in this regard, to set the example in charting a way forward, building on the demand that "Enough is Enough", settling scores with the ruling elites which serve narrow vested interests and in favour of whom governmental decisions get made. And in doing so workers are developing the strength and capacity to act and speak in their own name not just in affirming the dignity of labour, but also in laying claim to what belongs to them - the wealth they produce, the decision-making power to determine the direction of the economy and society.

We celebrate the struggles and the successes of working people over the past year since May Day 2022. It is this indomitable spirit of working people to resist attacks on their livelihoods by taking action against their exploiters and keeping alive the flame of the battle of democracy that is sure to ensure that success is eventually turned into historic victory. Workers are vitally concerned that the state is being restructured so that decision-making power is under the control of narrow private interests, the oligopolies, the cartels and those whose only concern is their own enrichment and the destruction of what humanity has given rise to. The working people are bearing the brunt of this dictate of the rich, the attempt to crush dissent, the cost-of-living crisis, the anti-union laws, and the racism of the state. These attacks do not have the consent of the people! Far from it, working people are taking action to combat government by decree on all these fronts. In this respect, we call upon the workers not only to build and strengthen their defence organisations, but to become worker politicians themselves and get organised accordingly.

TUC Enough Is Enough Rally, London, June 2022

We celebrate these struggles on May Day 2023, and not the crowning of a monarch that the powers-that-be demand we should treat with awe and look up to, and in that context it is supposed to set the seal on so-called British values, the Mother of Parliaments, and the like, a solemn litany that this is the way the almighty decreed it to be. In fact, the reality emerges through this contrived scenario, that this monarchy, far from being an expression of the unity of the people in good times and bad, is in fact a means to deprive the working people of their own outlook, a possessor of ill-gotten wealth in its own right, a product of the system of slavery and oppression of the world's peoples, at odds with the right of the peoples to celebrate their own humanity and that they themselves can act on their own behalf.

The working class of England, Scotland and Wales are in this respect their own models, while hailing the societies in which the people themselves are setting their own agendas and direction, such as Cuba, the DPRK, Vietnam, China and other states, while also affirming that they are as one with the peoples of Latin America and elsewhere which are joining forces against the global oligarchies which wish to turn back the clock and suck the people dry. No, this will not be brought to pass!

RMT, ASLEF rail strikers march with striking hospital cleaners in Tooting, June 2022

Furthermore, the peoples are taking a vital stand against the wars and aggression carried out by NATO, the US-led "western" states, including the big powers of Old Europe, and particularly for the working people here in Britain who condemn Britain for being a centre of armaments production and a follower and cheer-leader of NATO and US-led aggression. Despite the attempts of the ruling elites to compromise or stamp out the spirit and tradition of the working class of this country against war and aggression, and for peace and unity in struggle among working people of all lands, the people are persisting in their anti-war stand.

The threads of all the struggles converge in the necessity for the working people to work towards establishing an Anti-War Government. This is a profound and broad-ranging conception. Just as Soviet power in the Russia of 1917 was the precondition for removing the Russian people from the slaughterhouse of World War I, so the step-by-step fighting for a state with a modern democratic personality is inextricably linked with the struggle for peace, security and friendship amongst peoples today.

The working class movement in Britain is putting on the agenda the issue of workers speaking in their own name, the issue of fighting for their rights and interests as one with fighting for the rights of all, and for a society in which the guarantee of these rights is the norm. Workers must build on this advance, with confidence and optimism, keeping up the momentum despite all attempts to dispirit, pacify or disorient them. It is true that the future holds great dangers from reaction, but the pro-activeness of the working class movement here and globally can and will meet these challenges and bring about the empowerment of working people themselves. This could be said to be the kernel of the declaration that "the working class is back"! Let us join this struggle to fight for the New, and leave the Old behind. There is a world to win!!

Long Live the Fighting Internationalist Spirit of May Day!
Working and Oppressed Peoples of All Countries, Unite!


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