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King Charles III and the Monarchy

A Fiction Beyond Resuscitation?

Whatever happened to the Defender of the Faiths, the self-proclaimed champion of diversity, protector of the human and natural environment? Many were shocked by the late Queen's funeral, with Charles playing a leading role, by such sectarian one-faith-only religion being pushed, and by the military might on display. Both the Archbishop and Charles later claimed a direct link of the crown to God, as represented by the Church of England, of which Charles becomes head, while 5,000 military personnel marched behind the coffin. It would appear that the coronation on May 6 will have the same character. Despite Charles's initial protest, the anointing with the so-called holy oils (vegan this time but claimed ancient and sourced from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem) will be unseen, bestowing on Charles mysteriously the apparent approval of the Almighty.

The attempt to give the fiction of ruler to be held in awe to the tarnished image of Charles the person, however, has a problem in that not only is the man and his coronation receiving scant enthusiasm from the working people, but he also it would appear fails to meet up with the requirements of the establishment. Lambeth Palace, the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, urging viewers to shout their allegiance at their TV screens at the appropriate time only adds to the incongruity of the occasion! Whereas the late Queen certainly did interfere in state matters where they concerned her private interests, this was done in secret. Charles, it seems, will not show such restraint. It remains to be seen, given the weakness of his support, if this results in his simply becoming linked to one faction in the competing ruling circles. Perhaps the military?

Charles III opening Parliament and addressing both Houses on the government's "Levelling-UP" Bill!

These are times of transition, times when all the old arrangements of ordering society are finished, but where new arrangements have not yet come into being. These are times which cry out for new arrangements in which the working people find a way through their struggles on so many fronts to become the actual decision-makers, to speak in their own name, and to order society in their interests, not subject to the will of the oligarchs, the warmongers, and the rogues and charlatans in their service. These are undoubtedly dark times, where everything is being done to divide people, confuse them, overwhelm them, and deprive them of an outlook which can resolve things in their favour. However, even in these times the face of the New can be discerned.

For, while the coronation of King Charles III is clearly an attempt to resuscitate the Old, the working people of England, Scotland and Wales, and the island of Ireland, as well as the peoples of the former Dominions and colonies, rejecting the fiction, will take a different view!


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