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World at War & the Movement for Peace

A Trade Union Issue

Sat 20 May - 10am-4pm
Brunswick Methodist Centre
Brunswick Pl, Newcastle upon Tyne

Conference hosted by Newcastle Stop the War Coalition

Supported by Newcastle upon Tyne Trades Union Council, National Education Union Northern Region, South Tyneside Trades Union Council

Stop the War Coalition writes that "the US is ramping up the pressure on China, with full support from the British government and other NATO allies. All this is raising tensions around the world, and in the middle of the worst attacks on living standards since the 1930s they want us to pay for this new militarism. The Tories are attempting to increase defence spending to 3% of GDP - way above the European average.

"Newcastle Stop the War has called this conference because we believe that working people are the main victims of war and that the millions being spent on arms and the military should be redirected to the NHS, schools, social care, green technology and other essential services. The slogan 'welfare not warfare' should be taken up by the whole of the trade union movement."


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