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133rd Anniversary of the Birth of Ho Chi Minh - May 19, 1890

Ho Chi Minh - Historic Leader of the Vietnamese People and Founder of Modern Vietnam

Statue of Ho Chi Minh outside Ho Chi Minh City Hall

May 19 marks the 133rd anniversary of the birth of Ho Chi Minh, historic leader of the Vietnamese people and founder of modern Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh is celebrated not only by the Vietnamese people, communists and revolutionaries, but by all thinking, enlightened people the world over for his historic contributions to the destiny of the Vietnamese people as well as that of all humanity.

In 1987 the General Conference of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) formally recognised Ho Chi Minh as one of the "great personalities who have left an imprint on the development of humanity". UNESCO acknowledged Ho Chi Minh as a "Vietnamese hero of national liberation", "a great man of culture" and "an outstanding symbol of national affirmation". Ho Chi Minh "devoted his whole life to the national liberation of the Vietnamese people, contributing to the common struggle of peoples for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress," UNESCO said. It encouraged member states of the United Nations to join in the commemoration of his birth "in order to spread knowledge of the greatness of his ideals and of his work for national liberation".

Many things have been written praising the deeds and works of Ho Chi Minh. In his own words it is the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam on February 3, 1930, which was the decisive instrument of the Vietnamese people's national liberation struggle against French, Japanese and US imperialism. To this day, Vietnam's nation-building is led by the party founded by Ho Chi Minh.

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam today remains steadfast to the teachings, leadership and legacy of Ho Chi Minh. Under its seasoned and tested leadership, the country has successfully dealt with the external challenges in the world, the rivalry of big powers, the present all-sided crisis of the neo-liberal order, the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to bring Vietnam on a par with the requirements of the digital, scientific, technological revolution and so much more. Vietnam has taken its place in the world as a highly respected nation which is a force for peace, freedom and democracy at home and internationally.

This is the legacy of President Ho Chi Minh, whose life and work takes on more significance and splendour with the passing of time. In today's world, in our estimation, Vietnam contributes significantly to the right of all countries to their own chosen path of social development, and to building a world where all nations and peoples can live in peace and solidarity with each other.

Long Live the Life and Work of Ho Chi Minh!


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