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NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

Joe Biden Meets Rishi Sunak and King Charles

Storm Shadow missiles that the British government is supplying to Kyiv

Prior to the summit, US President Joe Biden met British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and King Charles III while on his way to Vilnius. Talks with Rishi Sunak were reported to highlight the so-called "enduring special relationship" between the US and Britain. His meeting with King Charles III was claimed to be "a tightly planned event at Windsor Castle where both men took part in a climate round table" attended by representatives of the financial oligarchy and "philanthropic heavyweights".

The discussions of Biden and Sunak were supposed to "have touched on various global issues, including the war in Ukraine". The prime minister's spokesperson "played down reports that the UK and US are split over Ukraine's hopes to join NATO". However, deliberately leaked was the notion that Sunak had raised the question of cluster bombs. The US has decided to provide the Ukrainian government and armed forces with cluster bombs, a type of munition whose use is opposed by some 123 countries via the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which includes Britain. Sunak's spokesperson admitted that this was discussed claiming that Sunak said it "was a difficult choice for the US" and had been "forced on them by Russia's war of aggression".

The use of the words "a difficult choice for the US" by Sunak recalls those he had used previously when Britain was the first to supply depleted uranium weapons and Storm Shadow missiles to Kyiv. This was Britain's "difficult choice". What this is revealing is how far the Anglo-US warmongers are prepared to take Britain and the US down the path of acting as global terrorist warmongering states, without any regard for the peoples of Ukraine or Russia. It also shows that Britain is not only slavishly following the US but also egging it on further by supporting the Lithuanian proposal [1] that Ukraine be allowed to join NATO now, which would lead directly to war between NATO and Russia. These Anglo-US leaders in their proxy war against Russia in Ukraine are prepared to commit the very crimes they are accusing Russia of committing.

1. The Lithuanian parliament on April 6 unanimously approved a resolution proposing an invitation to Ukraine to join NATO at the alliance's summit at Vilnius in July.


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