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NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

Demand a Negotiated Peace Deal Now!

Anti-war activists took to the streets across Britain as part of Stop the War Coalition's Day of Action For Peace in Ukraine on July 8, in the lead-up to NATO's Vilnius Summit.

Ferocious fighting has raged since June along the 1,000 kilometre front line separating Ukrainian and Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. It is widely promoted by NATO members and the monopoly media supporting this US/NATO proxy war as a successful Ukrainian "counter-offensive". However, when set-backs leak through their controlled media, they claim it has not been successful yet, or the Ukrainian forces are "probing" before launching their main counter-offensive. But this so-called counter-offensive is not successful. On the contrary, it is sacrificing the lives of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers who are being deliberately thrown into killing fields without the training, ammunition and air protection they needed under the circumstances. It is estimated that the "counter-offensive" launched on June 4 is resulting in Ukrainian losses of 500-700 soldiers per day, or 14,000-20,000 by June 29, as well as some 313 tanks, 815 Infantry Fighting Vehicles and other armoured vehicles, 313 how itzer and other long range artillery systems, all in June alone. Ahead of the NATO Vilnius Summit, Ukraine's top military officer General Zaluzhny said he needed more of every type of weapon and this has been one of the main refrains of what the Vilnius Summit must provide.

All the announcements about aid to Ukraine are disinformation of the first order to cover up that Ukraine is wallowing in corruption and its debt is so big, it is said Ukraine is now owned lock, stock and barrel by the US. Millions of dollars, said to be for Ukraine, in fact go directly into the coffers of the arms producers in the United States and Britain. Talk of sending more weapons covers up the lack of trained forces to operate them and that these weapons are being wiped out by the Russian military as soon as they arrive.

Britain is shamelessly and criminally in the forefront of the US/NATO demand that the war they are fighting to the last Ukrainian be escalated and are desperate to defeat Russia's intention to de-Nazify and de-militarise Ukraine so as to protect the Russian-speaking population in eastern Ukraine as well as its own borders and security.

There is also no unity about any aspect of this proxy war within the European Union and amongst NATO members with, for example, the Hungarian and Bulgarian leaders [1] saying that the conflict will never be sorted out by war and calling for a negotiated resolution of the conflict. On July 10, Hungarian Prime Minster Victor Orban made a peace proposal to NATO: "Instead of bringing weapons to Ukraine, we should bring peace". He said that "a ceasefire is necessary, and instead of war, peace negotiations should start as soon as possible". He also noted that NATO is supposed to defend member states, "not to carry out military actions on the territory of other countries". [2]

The US and Britain in particular, along with Germany and France, have actively sabotaged every earlier prospect of a negotiated peace deal and they are promoting the adamant refusal of the NATO command to hold negotiations now. Instead they insist on escalation. To this end they are creating a more and more volatile situation, and increasing the war dead and wounded exponentially. They are running roughshod over the opinion of the peoples and majority of the countries of the world that the war must stop.

1. On July 6, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, who is opposing the export of weapons to Ukraine, explained to Zelenksy's Ukrainian delegation visiting Sofia that there was "no military solution" and that "more and more weapons will not solve it".
2. On July 10, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban Hungarian made a Ukraine peace proposal to NATO:


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