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US Out of Asia Pacific!

US Nuclear Armed Sub Sent to Threaten Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Korean Peace Action

A US strategic nuclear ballistic missile submarine - the USS Kentucky - provided a recent display in the southeastern city of Busan, south Korea, of provocation and outright threat of complete annihilation against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). The USS Kentucky carries some 20 Trident-II D5 ballistic missiles, each armed with multiple nuclear warheads that have a range of 12,000 kilometres. Its presence follows recent overflights by B-52 strategic bombers and spy flights which flagrantly violated DPRK sovereign air space.

South Korean President Yoon made the threat clear. Referencing the inaugural meeting of the Nuclear Consultative Group, July 18, Yoon said that the presence of the USS Kentucky was calculated to put the DPRK on notice and that the US has the capability to militarily "end its regime".

The DPRK issued a statement on July 17 concerning the seriousness of the situation, with the US and its puppet regime in the south openly talking about the prospect of nuclear war. "The present situation on the Korean Peninsula has reached such a phase that the possibility of an actual armed conflict and even the outbreak of a nuclear war is debated, going far beyond the phase of acute confrontation between the DPRK and the US created in 2017."

The statement, issued by the vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Yo Jong, pointed out that the US is solely responsible for the serious situation on the Korean Peninsula. She said that the DPRK is not fooled by US protestations that it is for "negotiations" without preconditions; the DPRK is wise to the whole gamut of US tricks. The reality before the DPRK, the statement points out, is not dialogue, as repeatedly touted by the US like an ATM machine. Kim Yo Jong said that the reality is rather "the nuclear strategic bomber flying near the DPRK regardless of time, the air espionage of the US violating our territorial sovereignty, the convocation of the 'Nuclear Consultative Group' openly discussing the use of nukes against the DPRK, and the entry of a US strategic nuclear submarine into the waters of the Korean Peninsula for the first time in 40-odd years. The US should know that its bolstered extended deterrence system and excessively extended military alliance system - a threatening entity - will only make the DPRK go farther away from the negotiating table desired by it."

Peace Now!

"The most appropriate way for ensuring peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula," the statement said, "is to deter the US high-handed and arbitrary practices in the position of might and with sufficient exercise of power, rather than solving the problem with the gangster-like Americans in a friendly manner."


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