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We Stand with Palestine! We Stand with the Palestinian People's Resistance!

Unprecedented Demonstrations Show that People are Standing with Palestine

National demonstration, London, October 21

Hundreds of thousands of people took part in demonstration in London on Saturday, October 21, to show that they stand with Palestine and the Palestinian people. It is claimed to be by far the biggest ever demonstration for Palestine in British history. In fact according to police estimates it was the 10th largest march in British history on any issue. It is the second consecutive weekend that tens of thousands had rallied in London under heavy police surveillance, decrying the government's support for Israel backed by the other Westminster cartel parties. The Met Police said more than 1,000 officers were involved in policing Saturday's demonstration, which marched to a rally near Downing Street. Many came from other cities to take part. On Tuesday, October 18, at 5pm, there had also been a demonstration outside Downing Street to demand that the British government unequivocally condemn the massacre in Gaza and the bombing of the Al Ahli Hospital and Israel's ongoing war crimes, and stop all arms sales to Israel immediately.

National demonstration, London, October 21

Other demonstrations of many thousands also took place on Saturday and the previous week in many towns and cities, including Birmingham, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle and Salford, as well as Aberdeen, Coventry, Dundee, Newport IoW, Nottingham, Oxford, Peterborough, Plymouth and Sheffield.

In Birmingham, huge crowds of many thousands turned out for the second consecutive weekend to march through the city centre streets.

In Cardiff, around 1,000 protesters waving Palestinian flags and supportive placards took part in a march towards the Welsh Parliament. Maggie Morgan, from the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Cardiff, said: "We are taking to the streets as a show of solidarity to the people of Gaza, to show our support for them, but also to make the government listen, and say 'not in our name, we're not having this.'"

A large group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered outside the BBC's headquarters in Belfast on Saturday. People Before Profit assembly member Gerry Carroll said they aimed to challenge how the BBC had covered the conflict in the Middle East.

The demonstration in Salford was held outside the Media City complex, where the BBC has its offices - with protesters there also criticising the corporation for its reporting of the conflict.

Thousands gathered in Glasgow. Chants of "free, free Palestine" could be heard at the Buchanan Steps before the rally made its way to George Square. Previously, on October 18, hundreds of students had gathered at the main gate of the University of Glasgow in a walkout and protest march in solidarity with the people of Gaza. The students marched behind a Stop the War Coalition Scotland banner reading, "End the siege on Gaza". Students throughout the campus shouted "Viva, Viva Palestina!". On October 14, a huge rally had also taken place, gathering at the main Concert Centre at Buchanan Steps, and heard Palestinians speaking movingly and powerfully about their families' experience. Other speakers praised Celtic supporters for their militant stand in support of Palestine.

Celtic fans support Palestine, Scotland.

Birmingham, October 21

Birmingham, October 21

Glasgow, Scotland, October 21

Protest at BBC's HQ in Belfast, October 21

Preston, October 22

Labour Party HQ, Lewisham Friends of Palestine

Newport, Isle of Wight

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, October 14

Cardiff, Wales

London, October 21

London, October 21


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