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Long Live Revolutionary Cuba!

Massive United Nations Rejection of US Blockade of Cuba

On November 2, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution calling for the lifting of the all-sided US blockade of Cuba. There were 187 votes in favour, two against (United States and Israel) and one abstention (Ukraine). This is the 31st consecutive year that the majority of UN members demand the US blockade be lifted, leaving the US more isolated than ever.

Last year, 185 member states had voted in favour of the resolution. The United States and Israel opposed it, while Brazil and Ukraine abstained. This year, Brazil rallied to vote in favour of the resolution.

This is a resounding victory for the Cuban people and government who refuse to submit to the most cruel and inhuman US dictate. It is also a victory for the peoples of the world who are actively demanding an end to the US blockade of Cuba and the removal of Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. In the context of the peoples' movement today, which is rising up en masse to oppose the Zionist genocide in Palestine, the resounding vote to end the criminal US blockade of Cuba and reject this inhumanity is yet another important indication that the current domination of international affairs by the United States must be ended. Justice will prevail!


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