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Britain's military support for Israel

Call of Palestinian Resistance to British Government

Gaza mass graves for those killed

In a press statement of December 3, 2023, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) condemned the intention of the United Kingdom to involve its military in the genocidal war against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. The statement [1] continues:

"The movement views the disclosure by the UK's army of its intention to carry out reconnaissance aerial missions over the Gaza Strip as making it a partner with the Zionist occupation in its crimes and responsible for the massacres inflicted upon our Palestinian people.

"The UK should have corrected its historically negative stance towards our people, disavowing the Balfour Declaration, which is considered the crime of the century, instead of committing another offense. It should remind the world of its shameful colonial past, thus placing the UK government in hostility with our people and all free people worldwide who reject Zionist aggression against Gaza.

"We call on the UK to reconsider its direct participation and political and financial support for the genocidal war against Gaza. We urge London to cease its subordination to Washington and its contribution to igniting wars, and instead, contribute to the promotion of peace and stability in the region."


[1] Official website - Hamas movement


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