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Stop Israel! Stop the Genocide!

SIn Britain and Throughout the World, Actions
Continue to Show that the World Stands with Palestine

The national march on December 9, Stop the War on Gaza, again demonstrated that public opinion is with the people of Gaza and the occupied West Bank. As the organisers said, as long as the brutal attacks on Palestinians continue we will continue to demonstrate.

The demonstrations on December 9 and 10 across the world denounced the December 8 US veto of a UN Security Council resolution for an immediate ceasefire as well as the stepped up crimes of the Israelis in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. There is a growing concern and anger over the humanitarian catastrophe represented by the continued US/Israeli genocide. Answering the "Worldwide Ceasefire Call for Action", Palestinians and their supporters across the globe joined in the global strike for Gaza on December 11, with strikes in Ramallah and elsewhere in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Lebanon shut down completely, with the
Thomas Hardy school students walk-out, Dorchester.
government closing all offices and institutions in support of the Palestinian resistance and so too in many countries, school students, college and university students and workers from many sectors of the economy joined the strike. As one, peoples worldwide continue without let up to demand a ceasefire now, an end to the siege and support Palestine's right to resist and of return.

With Israel given the green light by the US and with the support of Britain and the big powers of Europe, the myth of western humanity and democracy has indeed been shattered.

Meanwhile, countless actions took place on December 16 and other dates around the country. Stop the War Coalition gave the call on December 15: "The British government is not just complicit in Israel's massacre in Gaza, it is an enabler of it. By abstaining on the UN Security Council draft resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza last Friday they are giving Israel the green light to continue its slaughter.

"It is not just political cover that that our government is giving, it's logistical support too. As Declassified UK revealed this week, the UK has 'secretly sent 500 extra troops to Cyprus base being used to supply weapons to Israel' and the RAF continues to fly transport planes to Tel Aviv, without any explanation of what is in the huge cargo loads. This is all done on the quiet because our weak government knows just how unpopular Israel's bombardment is with the people of this country.

"All this means we cannot relent in our demand for peace and justice for Palestine. We have to continue speaking up and force our elected representatives to listen to this overwhelming call for peace. This includes Keir Starmer's Labour which is losing councillors across the country and will continue to lose support as long as its tacit support continues.

"Tomorrow (December 16) we're asking everyone to keep building this determined, growing movement by taking action in your local communities as part of a Day of Action for Palestine."

The continuing and continuous stands of people across the world against the Gaza genocide are a powerful statement that Israel must be stopped, that the genocide must be stopped. These actions represent an indispensable factor in bringing the genocide to an end and shaming the US, Britain and other European powers, alongside the resistance of the Palestinian people themselves to the unconscionable consequences of the Israeli atrocities.

The next national demonstration for Palestine is on Saturday, January 13, 2024, at 12 noon, Central London. The organisers say, "As Israel continues its bombardment of Gaza our call for a full and permanent ceasefire remains unwavering. Let's make this demonstration the biggest yet. Please start organising transport from your area now."

The World Stands with Palestine!

Birmingham day of action, Saturday December 16

Newcastle day of action, Saturday December 16

West Bank Ramallah General Strike

Gaza, Design Hussein Miqdadi, Sculptor Toujani Choukri, Tunisia


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