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Letter to Workers' Forum

In line with bus workers across the country, the North East drivers have secured pay increases and improvements in working conditions.

Delaying tactics have been used in many disputes in recent times in attempts by employers and government to suppress the resistance of workers, particularly public sector workers, and curb attempts of the "Enough is Enough" movement to develop the workers' counter-offensive. Whatever the delaying tactics of the Go Ahead Group were meant to achieve in this dispute, it can be seen that the transport workers were not to be diverted from asserting their claims.

During the pandemic and since, workers in various bus franchises and oligopolies have had to fight the employers' tactics of "Fire and Rehire" and holding down wages, imposed under the pretexts of "rationalising" labour and creating revised or new contracts of employment. Transport workers in recent times have been having none of it. Instead, is it not the case that workers have been strengthening their organisations and also strengthening their unity and solidarity with the rest of the working class in these circumstances?

Workers are seeking to bring their organisational capability up to date to meet the requirements of the times. Workers are also demanding more say in their destiny as producers of wealth. Should not the workers envision going beyond "Enough is Enough", and look towards building new mechanisms and organisations to be effective in their claims? This may well spur the working class into greater and bolder action in their fight for the rights of all and for a socially responsible social system.

Retired Shop Steward


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