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World Stands With Palestine

Stop Israel! Stop Israeli Genocide!
Stop Britain's Support for Israeli Genocide!

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

Cardiff, Wales

This weekend again hundreds of thousands of people will be taking part in a national demonstration in London as well as demonstrations and rallies across England, Scotland and Wales to demand a ceasefire now and stop the genocide in Gaza. Israel's brutal occupation of Gaza is being extended to include the city of Rafa which is crowded with 1.4 million displaced Palestinian citizens living in terrible conditions with lack of food and water. The fact that the US and Britain have claimed they do not support the attack on Rafa does not absolve them. The US and Britain have full responsibility for the consequences of this attack by Israel on Rafa. They continue to provide open support to the Israeli programme of ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the West Bank and they provide the weapons which kill the Palestinian people around the clock.

Westminster Bridge, London

On February 10, the details were revealed of the crime in Gaza city that befell the six-year-old girl Hind Rajav, her sister Layan and the two paramedics who went to rescue them. This premeditated war crime by Israeli forces shocked the world once again because it represents and highlighted the lies - lies not just by Israel but the lies in the British and much of the western media in justifying Israeli ethnic cleansing and genocide in Gaza and the West Bank in the name of fighting "terrorists", when Israel and its backers are the state terrorists who have through their bombing of Gaza killed 28,064 people, of whom 75% are children, women and elderly people, with more than 7,000 Palestinians citizens still under the rubble of the destroyed towns and cities of Gaza.

People in Britain and the whole world are calling for an immediate ceasefire to end the killing and stand with the Palestinians. They stand with the Palestinian people's resistance to these crimes against humanity carried out by Israel and their backers in US, Britain and in the West.

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People are not being fooled by the western propaganda that the US and Britain are trying to help rein in Israel. They have been giving support for Israeli crimes, funding them and supplying weapons and forces and military intelligence for months. Now over the bombing of Rafa, in the face of world opposition and the referral of war crimes and genocide to the ICJ, the Anglo-US backers of Israel have become nervous.

On the situation in Rafa, Britain's foreign secretary David Cameron now says that it is "impossible to see how you can fight a war amongst these people", and that there is "nowhere for them to go", referring to the civilians in Gaza. It is noteworthy that Cameron uses these words. The British government has refused to recognise that Israel should not be "fighting amongst these people" , or recognise that far from "nowhere for them to go" the Palestinians are in their own land.

Cameron, Starmer and the British government hide behind these weasel words because they want Israel to win this war against the Palestinian people and their just resistance and even to expel "these people" from Palestine, just as they want to expel immigrants and asylum seekers to Rwanda. But they are unable to do this to the Palestinians without exposing themselves to the world as the complicit perpetrators of genocide of the Palestinian people who are in their own lands, have the right of return and the right to resist the oppression of the Israeli state.


At the same time, it shows that the fact that the British and world's people are standing with Palestine is making and will make the decisive difference to end this Israeli war on Gaza and the West Bank. The people's forces must continue to build this fight and finish what the standing-with-Palestine movement has started, namely to stop Britain's support for this genocide. Our focus must be to urgently demand that the US Britain take a real stance against Israel's bombardment of Rafa and the whole of Gaza and halt all their military aid to Israel. The people's movement continues to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire, and a halt of all military aid to Israel.

This must go hand in hand with opposing Britain's involvement alongside the US in its warmongering in the Middle East, in Syria, and Iraq, its bombing of Yemen and its ending of support for its proxy war in Ukraine. Let us fight for an anti-war government in Britain that recognises freedom for Palestine and an end to Britain's wars abroad!

Keep up the fight we have all started together. Stop Israel! Stop Israeli genocide! Stop Britain's support for Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing! Support Palestine, Support the Palestinian resistance!


Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Paris, France

Health care workers' protest, London


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