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Building for Wellbeing, for a Sustainable New Whipps Cross Hospital

Sustainability Action for Whipps public meeting on-line

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

19:00 - 21:00 GMT

About this Event

As the design for new Whipps Cross Hospital starts to take shape, we are opening a discussion on sustainability and wellbeing, with some speakers at the forefront of their fields. Our aim is to inform and influence our new hospital and the site-wide development to be the best our generation can give to the future, and to inspire our whole community towards sustainability.


Dr Nadia Audhali - Whipps Cross Hospital Paediatric Doctor, Clean Air Champion - introducing the evening with why the Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis

Dr Roopa Jaiswal - London GP, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Regional Director (London) BSLM will explain how the environment and behaviours can determine our health

Julie Godefroy - Technical Manager, Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) is author of CIBSE's technical guidance on health and wellbeing in building services and will explain how a building's design affects our wellbeing

Carey Newson - Centre for Sustainable Healthcare on their new research into the value of green space at NHS sites for staff wellbeing.

Paul Bell of Ryder Architecture - Lead Architect for the New Whipps Cross Hospital design team

Discussion and questions


Sustainability Action for Whipps is a community group formed by local residents and health staff who want to ensure that the new hospital will be net zero-carbon and of the highest standard in sustainability and wellbeing. In association with Action4Whipps.


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