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No Increase in Military Spending!

Stop the War Coalition

In the face of the greatest crisis since the Second World War, Boris Johnson has chosen to prioritise military spending over the biggest threat to safety and security for people in Britain right now, which is undoubtedly COVID-19.

The £16.5 billion increase means that the UK is by far and away Europe's biggest military spender at a time when it has the highest COVID-19 death toll across the continent due to the government's pitiful response.

With a crisis in social care and hospitals cancelling essential operations due to under-funding your government must prioritise the health of the population over increases to our military's offensive capacity.

We believe the effort to save people's lives and care for people in a crisis should have priority over new technologies of mass killing. Over the coming weeks we'll be campaigning as hard as we can to maximise opposition to this ludicrous increase in military spending.

For starters please propose our model resolution [1] at your local Trade Union or Party branch and sign the petition below [2] calling for the government to halt the increase and invest in the public services this country so desperately relies on.




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