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Solidarity with Cuba Reaffirmed

The Cuban Ambassador in London, H E Bárbara Montalvo (centre) with Michel Rodríguez, First Secretary in charge of Cultural and Academic Affairs at the Cuban Embassy (right) and Michael Chant, General Secretary of RCPB(ML)(left)

The Cuban Ambassador in London, H E Bárbara Montalvo, held a meeting with activists, friends and circles of RCPB(ML) on January 14, 2023. At the meeting, the Ambassador presented an update on the situation in Cuba and referred to the achievements made by the Island in terms of health, education, security and social assistance and the fight against Covid-19, despite the difficulties it faces and the damage caused by the politics of economic asphyxiation by the United States. Ambassador Montalvo also gave an update on the bilateral scenario between Cuba and the United States. She further reiterated the importance of Cuba's decision to move forward despite the difficulties and at the same time refusing to renounce its principles.

The participants in the meeting reaffirmed their solidarity with Cuba and highlighted the example that Cuba represents for progressive forces. They also emphasised their determination to maintain solidarity and continue supporting Cuba. The Ambassador underscored the importance of disseminating the true reality about Cuba, in order to counteract the atmosphere of distortion and disinformation about the country that technological platforms and laboratories wish to promote on digital networks.

The Ambassador makes her presentation to the meeting

In thanking the Ambassador on behalf of the whole meeting, Michael Chant, General Secretary of RCPB(ML), underscored that we in Britain will make every effort in 2023 to arouse public opinion to agitate for the ending of the monstrous and cruel policy of the US blockade of Cuba. In so saying, Michael Chant emphasised that in this world people are ultimately decisive in setting the course of history, and the US blockade cannot survive.

Also present at the event was Michel Rodríguez, First Secretary in charge of Cultural and Academic Affairs at the Cuban Embassy.

Informal discussion continued for several hours, and the meeting was brought to a close by a lively cultural programme. Many participants expressed how deeply they were inspired by the gathering and by what Ambassador Montalvo had presented, that the meeting had represented something special, and that they would do all in their power to support and build solidarity with Cuba.

Cuba Si!


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