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First anniversary of the Ukraine war

Opposition to War Is Growing

0,000 people gathered in Munich, Germany February 19 to protest at the 59th Munich Security Conference
and express opposition to NATO - Photo: J T Odenhoefer

All over the world on this anniversary, February 24, demonstrations are taking place along with protest marches against the anti-social offensives which accompany the increased spending on the US/NATO proxy war in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and other repressive measures. The people are showing their internationalist spirit, supporting resistance and lending a hand to all those fighting for rights.

30,000 people gathered in Munich, Germany February 19 to protest at the 59th Munich Security Conference and express opposition to NATO. Tens of thousands of people marched in Paris on February 12 calling for France to get out of NATO and not send missiles to Ukraine.

The Stop the War Coalition reports that there is growing opposition to the war amongst the people in many parts of Europe.

The London demonstration on February 25 will be part of a Europe-wide weekend of action calling for peace talks.

In Italy, a recent poll showed majority opposition to supplying weapons to Ukraine. Polling in Germany in January found "growing evidence of a public that is war-weary, and one that is slowly but surely becoming more concerned about their own economic condition".

Events start in Italy on the evening of February 23 with a march from Perugia to Assisi.

Paris anti- NATO demonstration February 12, 2023

Rafaella Bolini from the Italian peace movement predicts there will be protests in at least one hundred towns and cities on the February 24 and 25, with a mass rally in Rome on Saturday 2.

"Feeling in Italy is running high against supplying arms to Ukraine, the movement is mobilising everywhere," she said.

In Portugal, demonstrations are planned in seven cities. In Vienna, there is a protest on February 24 and another in Zurich on February 25. Twenty cities in Germany are holding protests including a major demonstration in Berlin.

There will be a demonstration in Brussels on Sunday 26 and protests across France over the weekend. At least twenty cities in Spain will hold protests for peace.

All protestors on the demonstrations and protests have been asked to tweet pictures and reports at #EuropeForPeace

Stop the War In Ukraine - National Demonstration

Start: Saturday, February 25, 2023 " 12:00 PM
BBC Broadcasting House" Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA GB

Host Contact Info:

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February 25th London Conference - NO 2 NATO NO 2 WAR


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